YOUR 2019-2020 B.L.E.S. RAIDERS!!!!!!

BLES 2019-2020



The Columbus Zoo came to Benjamin Logan Elementary to teach us about animals and their habitats. They brought many interesting animals to teach us why we need to help them.  Their lives depend on us. Their habitats are disappearing. Every little thing we do to help protect their environment counts! It was very interesting for us to watch how the animals acted in our school environment.  We owe a big thanks to the Columbus Zoo!

Raiders Rock!!!





Upcoming Events

January 10

Grade cards sent home


January 17

Teacher PD (No School)


January 20

Martin Luther King, JR Day (No School)


January 24

PTC meeting in the commons at 8am

The DePue Brothers

The DePue Brothers are a band that use NO words, they only use music. They came to our school to perform, and then later that evening, the group performed at the Holland Theater. They are a band of 7 men. They performed four songs for us. They also let us ask a few questions that they answered. At the end of the performance, the DePue Brothers invited us and our families to their show at the Holland Theater.